The FJS Shoulder can be used in patients with shoulder problems before and after conservative or operative treatment. Utilisation of the FJS Shoulder is not limited to specific shoulder conditions and works best in patient groups with a good level of shoulder function and a low pain level. The FJS Shoulder is designed to show its strength in patients with good to excellent outcome.

We are currently developing a comprehensive item bank to measure joint awareness in shoulder patients. This item bank allows computer-adaptive assessments (CAT) and composition of a static short form, the FJS-12 Shoulder.

Based on literature search, expert opinion and patient debriefing interviews we have created  an item list of 70 items potentially relevant to the assessment of joint awareness in shoulder patients. This item list will be administered to a large patient sample in an international field study to develop a measurement model, to determine psychometric item characteristics and finally obtain an FJS shoulder item bank.

We encourage researchers and clinicians with an interest to participate in this field study to contact us. Additional languages to German and English are most welcome to foster international collaborations and studies.